Drezno, from XAOC Devices, is a analog to digital binary computer that then reconverts back into analog on the output of the module. This means that all sorts of digital operations can be done to the signal while in the digital domain. It is an 8-bit processor that can be used to generate control voltage, audio signals, signal manipulation, as well as trigger and gate generation. When paired with Lipsk, the possibilities of Drezno are greatly expanded, but even with just Drezno, one can manipulate plenty of analog and digital signals.


  • Universal subsystem for creating and processing analog signals in the 8-bit digital domain
  • Suitable for CV and audio processing with no aliasing
  • Analog to Digital conversion
  • Digital to analog conversion
  • Expandable with Lipsk and Jena modules
  • Includes 10-pin ribbon cable to normal ADC to DAC or expand to Lipsk or Jena
  • Near 2Mhz internal clock with external clock inputs to both converters