Using digital synthesis to create a realistic snare sound is the core of the Kraken, a physical modeling drum module from WMD that takes cues from old samplers and live drummers. By adding CV inputs for triggering the Head, Rim, and Accent independently, as well as CV control for all of the inputs, the Kraken lets you dial in the perfect combination of sound, timing, and feel. With clever sequencing and modulation, you can recreate the subtle changes live drummers produce, or mangle the sound for a dirty, drum machine sound. By combining the Shell, Overtone, Low Tune, Snares, and Decay parameters, the perfect timbre is just a turn or two away.

Kraken's unique Wreck and Model switches allow for drastic changes in how the synthesis functions. With Wreck, you can switch between three different types of distortion characteristics: hard-clipping, wavefolding, and bit-reduction with CV control over the amount. The Model switch changes the type of noise from consistent digital, to fluctuating analog, and then to a pitch shifting mode which is reminiscent of old samplers or pitch-shifter pedals. WMD expands their drum offerings with Kraken, a true-to-form versatile, physical modeling snare module that can sculpt rich studio snares and harsh digital hits with ease.


  • 100% Digital synthesis
  • 3 Built-in distortion types
  • Digital and analog noise source
  • Pitch shifter
  • Independant trigger inputs for Head, Rim and Accent
  • Realistic rimshot possible by triggering Head & Rim simultaneously
  • Huge range of sounds with 6 parameters of control