Qu-Bit's Surface is a stereo multi-timbral physical modeling voice that provides a wide range of percussive sounds. The physical modeling algorithms include plucked strings, mallet for tuned percussion, tuned drum sounds like toms and kicks, snare or tuned noise with strong transients.

Up to eight voices can be triggered at the same time, and don't have to be from the same algorithm. The sounds are excited by the trigger input with the decay controlling the length of the sound. The Strike parameter affects the initial hit of the excited model, determining strength and character of the transients. The voices can also be choked, using the button or gate input. Surface provides multi-timbral physical modeling, capable of sounds from plucked strings to marimbas to kicks and snares, with the ability to stack voices for polyphony. And of course, extreme combinations of settings can break free of models of real-world objects and into explorations of unreal combinations of characteristics—making Surface a remarkably powerful source of ever-changing sound.


  • Multi-timbral physical modeling voice
  • Stereo or mono operation
  • Four unique models, plucked string, mallet, tuned drum, and snare/tuned noise
  • Up to eight voices active at once
  • Tone filtering control
  • Filtering tone knob
  • Strike controls transients
  • Decay determines the length of the notes
  • Choke input and button


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