Prism is, as Qu-Bit says, a fully stereo multidimensional signal processor module. What this means is that the incoming audio signal can be sent to three distinct effect processors in various combinations depending on the user-specifiable internal routing. At the core of the module is a freezable audio buffer, which is shared by the rest of the processors. The length of the buffer is controllable via the 'time' parameter. Experimenting with freezing the buffer and modulating its size yields plenty of beautiful glitchy mayhem. On the X-axis of the Prism is a comb filter, designed with generously long delay time. On the Y-axis, there is a parameter labeled decimate, responsible for both bit depth and sample rate reduction of the signal. To sweeten things up even further, on the Z-axis you'll find a state variable filter with three voltage selectable types. All filter types—LP, HP, and BP share the same control knobs for frequency and resonance. Prism promises to be an excellent tool for radical audio mangling while retaining controlability and musicality.


  • Three buffer-based effects in one module
  • Stereo I/O



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