The Qu-Bit Data Bender is inspired by circuit bending and the different ways audio equipment can break or fail...and puts those under voltage control. Based on various digital manipulations of an internal audio buffer, Data Bender is the right choice of you want glitchy, artifact-laden, stuttering sounds.

The audio buffer allows up to one minutes of stereo audio sampling time. The Bend control acts like an old tape machine with varispeed wobbles up or down. The Break parameter is like a skipping CD or scratched record, disjointedly jumping around the audio buffer and introducing skips and glitches. Corrupt...well, corrupt does bad things. It imitates all sorts of audio processing errors such as formatting the wrong data type, underrunning a buffer, using the wrong sample rate and bit depth, and more. These can all be controlled with CV, fine tuned and tamed, or left to run wild. The Freeze input locks the audio buffer in place and doesn't let anything enter or exit. It can be clocked from an external source to keep all the messiness in time.

While Data Bender is capable of lo-fi effects, it has a 96kHz sample rate and runs at 24-bit, making it a powerful audio tool. Get all the nastiness of circuit bending and audio equipment breaking under voltage control and in sync with the rest of your modular system.


  • Stereo circuit bent audio processor
  • Break imitates skipping CDs and vinyl
  • Bend tape warble
  • Corrupt utterly destroys the audio data
  • Clock input
  • CV over everything
  • One minute internal audio buffer
  • 24-bit/96kHz operation
  • Freeze input freezes audio buffer


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