Bloom is a dual channel 32 step CV/gate sequencer with pattern mutation and fractalization at the core of its operating principle. What this means is that the user gets infinitely evolving sequences with pretty much no programming involved. ‘Length’ is the core parameter that lets us specify the number of steps in our sequence. Things start to get interesting when we get to the ‘mutation’ parameter. With ‘mutation’ at zero, the sequence plays the same notes. As we start turning the knob up, new notes start replacing the old ones probabilistically, meaning that we get completely random note selections 100% of the time when the ‘mutation’ control is turned all the way up. ‘Branches’ and ‘path’ controls change the sequence further by generating alternative note and length variations based on the original pattern. The result is sequences that are constantly evolving and changing, while still related to each other. Master 'root' parameter allows for easy on-the-fly transpositions. The module can serve as both a powerful inspiration tool, as well as a complex modulator.


  • 32 step sequencer
  • Fractal-like pattern generation
  • Dual channel


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