Melotus Versio from Noise Engineering puts the fantastical sound of granular processing in your hands, offering stereo inputs and outputs for wide and expansive sonic possibilities. At its simplest, Melotus Versio can act as a granular delay, while at its most complex it will become a full-on texturizer that stretches your sound into anything from choppy gliches to overlapping pads. Starting from the top down, you have a dry/wet Blend control to manage how much of Melotus Versio's granular magic you want to hear versus your original signal. From there we have the Regeneration control offering anything from a simple repeat to infinity—this correlates to Melotus Verio's delay time, offering slow echoes all the way to cyclic tones. The tone control not only filters the grains in a highpass or lowpass fashion, but also adds shimmers or subharmonics for creating other-worldly textures.

On the granular side of Melotus Versio, you have several controls characteristic to most granular synthesizers and effects processors—such controls include length of grain, density/sparsity of grains, overlapping, grain window shape, and coherence to current buffer. The flow control offers a multitude of activating held textures determined by a three-way switcher. All controls minus the three-way switches can be controlled via CV, making it easy to create morphable and evolving processes weaving in and out. Additionally, all modules in the Versio series can swap their firmwares for one another via USB, and if that wasn't enough control, you can import alternative firmwares or develop your own via the open-source documentation online.

Add the sound of heavenly expansions and demonic sputters to your modular system with Noise Engineering's Melotus Versio.


  • Stereo granular texturizer
  • Blend, Regen, Tone, Sparse, Delay, Length, and Cohere parameters, all with CV inputs
  • Flow button with a three way switch, activating grain freeze, hold, or clock
  • Three way switch for the grain's window shape
  • Easily update firmware using USB


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