Block 1 is a 1:3 buffered multiple, offering a convenient way to send a single CV source to 3 different locations.

Block 2 is a sum of the 2 inputs, complete with unity gains. The sum of the two inputs is routed to each individual output for use in two different destinations.

Block 3 is a 3:1 mixer, with an averager on each input that prevents the input signals from clipping.


  • 1:3 is a 3-output buffered multiple, with an offset error < 0.1%. It is useful for distributing the voltage from a CV output with a large protection resistor to several modules - particularly VCOs.
  • 2:2 is a 2-input summer with unity gains. The sum of the two input channels is distributed to 2 outputs.
  • 3:1 is a 3-input mixer with a gain of 1/3 for each channel (averager). It is particularly suitable for rapidly mixing audio sources such as oscillators, for which a unity gain mixer would have caused clipping.
  • A 2-color output monitoring LED is available for each of these functions.


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