It’s time to enter the fold with Intellijel’s new signal crunching & processing Eurorack module, the Serge and Buchla-inspired Bifold. Bifold is a unique dual channel wave folding utility that features two wave folding flavors with a crossfader to blend, mix, and fold and squash your waveforms.

The Folds P offers a wave folder inspired by Buchla’s parallel folding circuit, popularized on famed modules such as the 259 and Music Easel. The Folds S provides a serial folding circuit, inspired by Serge style circuits (such as the much-loved second Wave Multiplier). By combining both of these wave folding circuits and providing a crossfader to blend between them, as well as multiple utilities such as phase switching and DC offsets, the ability to achieve stereo wave folding and grinding feedback tones has never been easier. With creative patching, ring and amplitude modulation can also be achieved, as well as random noise generation, making the Bifold a well-rounded audio processing utility with deep patching potential.


  • Dual Wavefolding Processor
  • Two classically inspired wavefolding circuits
  • Built-in crossfader & VCA
  • Capable of producing ring and amplitude modulation effects
  • Can be used as a creative noise source


SKU: 269