Explore both dynamic routing and modular flexibility with the standalone Matrix Mixer by Erica Synths. Performing with a modular synthesizer is an exciting, unique experience, however changing a patch on-the-fly can often be challenging. Repatching complex routing is often not feasible in a live situation and the Matrix Mixer from Erica Synths aims to change that. With 16 inputs and 16 outputs feeding the matrix centerpiece, your routing options are plentiful, but you are not limited to just a single state with up to 254 stored patterns that can be recalled with just a button or via MIDI. Using adapter cards, compatiblility with instruments like the EMS Synthi and Buchla Music Easel are supported, as well as semi-modular Eurorack equipment.

One of the joys of modular performance is the serendipity that happens and the Matrix Mixer helps create more of those opportunities. An advanced randomization mode offers controlled chaos and satisfying chance operations to inject spontaneity into your performance, while being able to confidently evolve to the next movement.


  • 16 buffered, DC coupled inputs
  • 16 independent, buffered, DC coupled outputs
  • 256 connections, each with 3 attenuation levels
  • Piano mode
  • Random pattern mode with definable randomization area and density
  • 254 slots of pattern memory
  • Pattern change via MIDI program change messages


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