The Erica Synths Bassline DB-01 is a bass synthesizer capable of everything from acid basslines to massive growling drones—and it can even work as a drum box. The oscillator has the classic bassline saw and square waveforms, but adds a triangle waveshape for tonal variation. The aggressive multi-mode filter is borrowed from the Acid Box (itself inspired by the Formanta Polivoks) and has both bandpass and lowpass modes. The transistor-based sub-oscillator adds more body to the sound and the one-knob overdrive allows the sound to get really gritty. The detune has a unique architecture, using a BBD to achieve massive, swarming detune sounds.

The LFO has multiple waveforms and can be used to modulate both pitch and filter cutoff. It also has the ability to sync to the sequencer tempo for in-time modulation. There are independent pitch, cutoff, and amplitude envelopes which allow you to dial in the perfect envelope shapes per parameter. External CV can also be used to modulate the pitch and filter cutoff, while an external gate input can be used to trigger the envelopes. It also supports CV and gate outputs, allowing the sequencer to be used with external modular gear.

The sequencer allows for sequences up to 64 steps long. An arpeggiator and random pattern generator are available for other forms of pattern generation. There are both built-in and user defined scales which allow you to also create microtonal scales, great for Aphex-style basslines. Additionally, a modulation track allows for automated VCF cutoff animation. The sequencer can be clocked using the sync input or it can sync to MIDI clock. You can also use MIDI to play the DB-01 with a keyboard, adding another layer of sound possibilities.

The Erica Bassline DB-01 is a powerful box of tricks that is capable of a huge range of sounds and is flexible to fit into any workflow.


  • Bass synthesizer
  • Acid Box filter
  • One knob overdrive
  • Square, saw, and triangle oscillator shapes
  • 64-step sequencer
  • BBD-based detune
  • Syncable LFO
  • Independent VCO, VCA, and VCF envelopes
  • Arpeggiator
  • Sequence randomization
  • Sequence transpose
  • CV, gate, and clock inputs
  • CV, gate, and clock outputs
  • Internal noise source
  • MIDI in and out
  • Automated VCF modulation track
  • Built-in and user definable scales


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