With the Imitor Versio Multi-Tap Delay by Noise Engineering, any sound has the potential to be coalesced into a sonic wash. With both stereo input and output, Imitor Versio provides 12 delay taps and plenty of parameters to warp all sounds and shift perceptions of time. Dial in your base delay rate with the Time control or the Tap button, and use the Spread and Skew controls to apply temporal shifts and smear audio into experimental and near-reverberant territories. The character of the delay buffer's feedback can be shaped with the upper toggle switch—LIM utilizes limiting on the internal feedback to keep things under control, DST adds in slight overdrive for some grit, and SHM applies octave-up pitch shifting for haunting textures. Instant dynamic shaping applies crescendos or decrescendos to the delay output via the lower toggle switch.

Imitor Versio runs on the same Daisy hardware platform as Desmodus Versio, so owning one provides instant access to the other, and any future Versio instruments, by simply flashing a new firmware. Get lost in time with the Imitor Versio, and easily jump into new worlds thanks to its flexible hardware.


  • Stereo Multi-tap delay
  • Twelve delay taps
  • Internal triangle and random LFO modulation
  • Stereo skew control
  • Spread control distributes spacing of taps
  • Dynamics switch
  • Tap tempo
  • Easily change to another Versio instrument's firmware


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